Zack Freitas was born where the wild things roam in Hollister, CA June 5th, 1992. Growing up in a small town where the everyone knows each other, he tried to do the normal thing and play baseball like other kids. Eventually Zack figured out he liked acting/entertaining, through his performances for peers in the classroom.

By 22 he formed his own band, Kizmet with friends Maxim Crist & Mathew Virak. Together they released two records, “Death is a Blessing” dedicated to his cousin Johnny. And, “Friend of the Animals” in tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi.

Kizmet disbanded after the release of the second record, leaving Zack with a deeper desire to pursue his own solo career. In October 2016 Zack released his debut solo record “Blow off the Steam”, and started accumulating various venues to play, band members, and fans from all over the central coast & San Benito county.

Immediately after his first solo record, he started recording his sophomore album, “Desolation Animals” (due 10/28/17).