All About Anna

ANNA Banning is a multi-faceted creative designer and event planner based in
Hilversum in the Netherlands. More often than not, her concepts are intertwined,
with ANNA designing, hosting events herself.

Born in The Hague, ANNA began her career working in a hospital as an X-Ray Technician. Later, she obtained Degrees in English and History, and worked for a brief period in Alberta, Canada. She discovered her passion and talent for creative design while working with her husband at the interior design company they owned in The Hague. The company was housed in a very large studio, built in the 18th century, and proved to be the perfect setting in which to showcase art, music and design. ANNA created an art gallery within the design studio, and arranged exhibitions where artists could both display and sell their work.

She extended invitations to the media for additional publicity. This proved to be an unparalleled setting and winning combination for wining, dining, networking and promotion. ANNA prides herself on being unconventional, thinking outside the box, and being
a people person.

ANNA also created opportunities to indulge her passion for Americana and Country Music. The design studio boasted impressive acoustics, and she held musical evenings to promote and showcase up and coming singer-songwriters. Always the musicians’ advocate, ANNA fulfilled her study for Artist Manager and still concentrates on discovering and promoting unsigned artists with the goal of bringing them to the attention of record companies and a broad audiance.

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We are working with those just starting out & those who are already established,
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